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Qualiopi and Foreign Organizations

Publié le 3 juillet 2023

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The Qualiopi certification is a French certification. This certification is designed to ensure that training organizations meet the quality criteria defined by the French government, and it covers all types of training programs, including apprenticeships, vocational training, and continuing education.

Many foreign training organizations are wondering if it is possible to obtain the Qualiopi certification. The objective is to allow French clients of these organizations to benefit from funding for a portion of their training. This funding includes those mentioned in Article L.6316-1, such as the operators of competences (OPCO), the State, the regions, Pôle emploi, Mon Compte Formation (CPF), etc.

Conditions to be Met

Condition 1 :The foreign company delivers training activities in France.

The company shall register here to obtain a SIREN (French company registration number). There are few possibilities to implement its activites in France :

  • To create a letter box entity, for non-business activity ;
  • To create a branch (succursale in French) => not the most relevant because this kind of entity doesn’t have legal responsibility in France
  • To create a subsidiary (filiale in French). Here some examples of legal types of French company. This company will represent your application for Qualiopi certification. It will also be useful for CPF and RS projects, to settle partnerships with other training certification bodies.

If you don’t want to settle a subsidiary, you must find a training company that will accept to legally represent you, and that lives in France. You will use the SIREN of your representative (see condition 2).

Condition 2 : Appoint a Representative Domiciled in France

The foreign training organization must appoint a representative domiciled in France authorized to respond on its behalf to legal obligations, in accordance with Article R. 6351-3 of the French Labour Code. Therefore, the representative of the foreign organization in France will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the criteria of the national quality reference framework on behalf of the foreign organization. Audits will be conducted with the representative in France, who will be responsible for obtaining from the foreign organization the necessary evidence.

Condition 3 : Submitting an Initial Declaration of Activity to a French Prefecture

Any organization or legal person who provides training services in France must complete this process.

Following this declaration to the Prefecture, the organization will have to submit a pedagogical and financial report annually through the website

Obtaining the Qualiopi certification

1 – Application for initial certification : The organization applying for Qualiopi certification submits an application dossier by completing our online quote form. The application is formalized through a certification contract valid for the duration of the certification cycle.

2 – Certification support : a service not offered by Certifopac but possible by contacting Qualiopi accompanists.

3 – Administrative admissibility study of your application : we conduct a thorough examination of the application to ensure compliance with the prerequisites. We verify the absence of conflicts of interest or the coherence of the scope of the certification with your request.

4 – Conducting a white diagnostic audit : an optional but very useful service !

5 – Implementation of the initial certification audit : The auditor evaluates the conformity of your processes with the requirements of the national quality reference framework. The goal is to meet the expected level for each indicator.

6 – Certification decision : After the auditor has addressed any discrepancies, CERTIFOPAC makes a decision on certification. Our team issues an official certificate that complies with regulations.

An audit of a foreign organization for Qualiopi certification may generate difficulties, for example, if the documentation is not written in French. In this case, we invite you to contact us to explore all possibilities (Bilingual auditor, translation of documents, etc).

The requirements of the national quality framework

Firstly, the Qualiopi certification relies on the ability of your training organization to demonstrate compliance with the national quality framework. This is a specification consisting of 32 indicators that detail the expected standards in detail. The framework includes examples of evidence, expected levels, specific obligations, etc. The number of indicators that will be audited is not the same for every organization.

According to the type of training center, the 32 indicators won’t be all mandatory, except for apprenticeship training centers.

Here an example, depending on the category of training center :

  • Green case = you have to comply with the indicator
  • Yellow case = you have to comply with the indicator if you’re concerned
  • White case = you don’t have to comply with the indicator

The link :


The national quality reference framework is the bible for organizations preparing for Qualiopi. A 40-page reading guide serves as the common foundation for work between the audited organization, the auditor, and the certifier. The audited organization must scrupulously adhere to the expected level to avoid deviations and obtain its Qualiopi certification. The auditor issues non-compliance findings while respecting the weighting of non-conformities.


A non-conformity is a deviation from one or more indicators of the reference framework. It can be minor or major.

During an on-site or remote audit, Certifopac’s auditor may identify a deviation from the requirements of the reference framework. Therefore, the auditor will provide a detailed and factual description of the audit findings and associated risks.

Minor non-conformity

A minor non-conformity in the context of the Qualiopi audit is when the audited organization partially takes into account an indicator. This partial consideration does not call into question the quality of the service delivered. That is why it is minor within the framework of the reference system and the certificate will still be issued (up to 4 minor non-conformity identified).

Implementation of the action plan : max 6 months

Major non-conformity

A major non-conformity in the context of Qualiopi audit refers to when the audited organization fails to comply with the requirements of an indicator in its quality process. Furthermore, this partial or non-existent compliance undermines the quality of the service provided. That is why it is considered a major non-conformity according to the reference framework.

Implementation of the action plan : max 3 months

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